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Empowering Youth Through Art: A 6-Week Art Therapy Group at RHA Gallery

Empowering Youth Through Art: A 6-Week Art Therapy Group at RHA Gallery

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***Please note: our youth group has been postponed until a later date***

Contact Andrea for youth sessions and waitlist for future dates.


Empowering Youth Through Art: A 6-Week Art Therapy Group at RHA Gallery

RHA and Arttherapyireland are delighted to announce, ‘Empowering Youth Through Art: A 6-Week Art Therapy Group’, facilitated by art therapist Andrea Clare Plunkett. The youth group will be the latest group event since cultural art therapy began at RHA in 2019. In a new addition to our gallery art therapy, this group will be blended and will be offered for those in senior-level of secondary school, ages 16-18. (Art does not need to be a subject of the young person’s current school curriculum).


What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses art media to express, reflect and communicate. You do not need any previous experience or expertise in art to benefit from art therapy. In gallery art therapy we spend time looking at RHA artworks and then reflecting on your response to them through art.


Who is it for?

Art Therapy can be used across the lifespan; these RHA sessions are for young people aged 16-18 years.


What are the benefits?

Developmental Benefits:

For young people aged 16-18, this art therapy group provides a unique opportunity for developmental growth. The creative process fosters improved problem-solving skills, enhances cognitive abilities, and encourages self-awareness. Participants can build confidence, resilience and gain a sense of identity as they navigate this critical stage of personal development.

Mental Health Benefits:

Art therapy has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health. The sessions at RHA Gallery will create a gentle safe space for participants to express and process emotions, reducing stress and anxiety. Artistic exploration can act as a powerful outlet for emotional release, promoting overall psychological well-being while also being an enjoyable experience.

Community and Connection:

Beyond the individual benefits, the group setting allows for a sense of community connection and a space to connect with other creative young people. The RHA Gallery, with its inspiring exhibits and welcoming atmosphere, adds an extra layer to the communal aspect of this transformative journey.


Booking notes:

**Consent will be needed from parents or legal guardians for each person attending as this is a therapy group. Attendance and good timekeeping for all 6 sessions is necessary for group cohesion. 

Gallery address: 15 Ely Pl, Dublin, D02 A213

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