Our 'creative connections' retreat will be a co-creation event

Our 'creative connections' retreat will be a co-creation event

But what is co-creation?

Within art therapy co-creation is a concept that we feel strongly about! To empower participants its important to hear their voice at every stage. Simply put, co-creation is the process of participants having input into deciding and designing exactly what they do during an event or session. The needs of the group and the individual are taken into account making sure that the event is planned in an inclusive, needs led way.

With our 'creative connections' retreat each person who signs up will get the opportunity to decide on the therapeutic workshops which will be part of our retreat. Each person will also have input into how many and what style workshops they feel should be available per day of our 2 day event. We take into account both individual needs and group needs, this will help the organizers decide on the flow of the event. 

Some of the exciting options for workshops include:

Art therapy
Music therapy
Dance and movement therapy
Sand therapy
Adult play therapy
Mindfull walks in nature
Sound bath meditation
Midnight outdoor meditation
..and of course we are open to all suggestions from those who book :)
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