Feedback and comments

Feedback and comments

Feedback is something that is vital to any therapists practice. We need to be open to feedback to tweak, review, change and continue to better our delivery of therapy. I feel in my case the experience of my participants is even more important as I work in some very new settings for art therapy where literature in the Irish context is non-existent. Particularly in the museums/galleries where I facilitate art therapy groups for adults and in a Dublin pre-school where I carry out dyadic work with children and parents.

I have added some of the feedback from my work in the gallery setting, collected over period 2020-2022.The following adults have all given consent for me to share their feedback comments of gallery art therapy.


I attended without any expectations as to how the classes would go, but for me the whole experience was such a powerful, yet gentle approach to trauma healing. For many years I have attended talk therapy, but having now found art therapy, I feel it really gave the parts of me that are hiding an opportunity to be expressed and come to light, be held and witnessed within a safe group. Andrea is an amazing facilitator with such a warm and caring energy. I would love to attend again in the future! Anon 2021


The course opens a window into your elusive inner world. Andrea highlighted facets of my work I’d have missed. Enjoyed the group - pleasant and considerate. Living in a rural area, wonderful to take part in an enriching experience from the comfort of my home. Anon 2020


Really interesting course. In a very subtle way this course made a great difference. Particularly helpful during lockdown. Lovely to connect with gallery art and other people and very well facilitated by Andrea. Learnt a lot. Anon 2020


By being facilitated to fully immerse myself in the therapeutic intervention, I felt my individuality was very much acknowledged, and my process held extremely professionally and empathetically, despite being part of a cohort. My personal gains, from attending the 8 sessions, was not compromised in any way, by being part of a group. Testament to our excellent therapist, Andrea. Anon 2022


I found the art therapy challenging but so useful to help understand & learn more about myself! I found the group dynamic particularly beneficial. I learnt so much about myself from listening to others. Anon 2022



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